ASP.NET Core on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Docker image through GitHub, CodeBuild, and CodePipeline CI/CD.

First steps

The ASP.NET Core web project

mkdir aspnetcore-api-aws
cd aspnetcore-api-aws
dotnet new web

The Buildspec file

version: 0.2phases:pre_build:commands:- dotnet restorebuild:commands:- dotnet publish -o output- mkdir build- cp -R output build/output- cp Dockerfile build/Dockerfileartifacts:files:- '**/*'base-directory: build

The Dockerfile

FROM output/* /app/EXPOSE 80ENTRYPOINT ASPNETCORE_URLS=http://*:80 dotnet /app/aspnetcore-api-aws.dll

At GitHub

The AWS services

The Elastic Beanstalk service

The CodePipeline service





Senior Software Engineer

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Filipe Macêdo

Filipe Macêdo

Senior Software Engineer

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