I don’t know you but I like to see my terminal with colors and icons that help me to see where and what I am doing.

I use to refer ZSH to my friends who just arrive at the Mac OS X dev environment. Also, I use to hear from them that they didn’t get something next to my own terminal configuration.

That’s why I decide to write this simple article to help you guide through the steps to get an Oh My ZSH! terminal with Monokai theme and Powerline fonts.

Let’s get to the point!

Install Oh My ZSH! via curl

$ sh -c…

Hi there,

At this story, we will see how to create an ASP.NET Core service, build a Docker image with that service, how to process it through AWS Code Pipelines, and automatically deploys it to an Elastic Beanstalk instance.

First steps

The ASP.NET Core web project

Run the scripts to above to get a brand new web project.

mkdir aspnetcore-api-aws
cd aspnetcore-api-aws
dotnet new web

Then, feel free to change your endpoints on the Startup.cs file as you want.

The Buildspec file

Create a Buildspec.yml file as below.

version: 0.2phases:pre_build:commands:- dotnet restorebuild:commands:- dotnet publish -o output- mkdir build- cp -R output…

Sometimes we need to build some kind of application that does not need to consume any online service and we need to store data at the same time. Local storage could be an option in some cases, but a few weeks ago I’ve faced a project requirement where the application must store massive data collected in field research at remote places with no internet connection.

The collectors were using a kind of windows application built with the C# Windows Forms framework and SQLite that I created. …

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Senior Software Engineer

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